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Faridkot City is a historical town of north India situated 40 Kilometers from Indo-Pak Border on main Railway Line from Ferozpur to Delhi. It was known earlier as Mohkalhar, Faridkot was named from the name of Great Sufi Saint Baba Sheikh Faridkot. District Faridkot came into existence on 07.08.1972.
The Faridkot Central Cooperative Bank Ltd. Faridkot is registered under The Punjab State Cooperative Societies Act. Main objective of this bank is to facilitate the Share holder Societies in the area operation of the bank as a Central Agency in three tier system of Cooperative Credit Structure with the Punjab State Cooperative Bank Ltd.

Chandigarh at the Apex Bank Level. Area of Operation of the bank consists of two blocks i. e. Faridkot and Kotkapura. Reserve Bank of India has granted License No. RPCD. CHG - 73- C, dated 21st September 1995 to this bank to carry on Banking Business in India.